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FREE Intro To Handgun Bootcamp

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FREE Intro Bootcamp Course

FREE Intro To 4 Week Handgun Bootcamp For CCW Holders

Xtreme Tactical Defense courses are designed to train the operator with the “REALITY” of self defense training. XTD courses exceed the minimum requirements for concealed carry training including legal issues, mind set, clearing malfunctions, close quarters combat, tactical firearm handling and shooting.

Most critical incidents happen within clinching distance to 6 feet, and they happen suddenly, violently and with little to no warning. Designed with the Armed Citizen Defender in mind, our comprehensive system of self-defense is geared toward integrating the Krav Maga hand-to-hand and the firearm defense skills necessary to avoid or stop the threat at these distances and beyond through the use of intensive and innovative training practices

This course will focus on the fundamentals of shooting, pistol craft, defensive\offensive tactics, combatives, use of force, self defense, dry fire, force on force, live fire, drills and more!!

The intro is FREE, but you must sign up for the full 16 Hour\4 Week bootcamp to take advantage of the full course, as it will be an ongoing advanced training program.

·Weapon Safety

·Carry Fundamentals

·Ready positions

·Sight picture\ alignment

·Clearing Malfunctions


·Tactical Movements

·Shooting Positions

·Front Sight Drills

·911 After Action

·Use Of Force

·Upper Body Combatives

·Lower Body Combatives

·Choke\Headlock Defense

·Ground Defense

·Weapon Retention

·Force on Force

·Real Time Scenarios

·Dry Fire Drills

·Live Fire Drills

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