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ARMED Citizen Defender Bootcamp

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ARMED Citizen Defender Bootcamp

Most critical incidents happen within clinching distance to 6 feet, and they happen suddenly, violently and with little to no warning.

Designed with the Citizen Defender in mind, our comprehensive system of self-defense is geared toward integrating Krav Maga hand-to-hand and the firearm offense & defense skills necessary to avoid and stop the threat at these distances and beyond through the use of intensive and innovative training practices.

·      Retention Positions 

·      Speed Reloads

·      Tactical Movements

·      Dynamic Shooting Positions

·      Pistol Craft Skills & Drills

·      Use Of Force

·      Combatives

·      Assault Responses

·     911 After Action

·     Ground Defense

·     In-Fight Weapon Access

·     Weapon Retention

·     Threat Recognition

·     Integrated Weapons Defense

·     Force on Force

·     Reality Based Scenarios

·     Dry Fire Drills