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Handgun Bootcamp 2

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(18 Hour) Handgun Bootcamp 2: 2 Day Course

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Integrated Weapon Based Combatives: A multi-disciplinary approach where all defensive modalities are blended and interdependent with one another.  Modules include: In and out of holster weapon retention, armed defenses vs. impact weapons and firearms, weapons-based wrestling & grappling

Threat Recognition Training:  Threat Recognition Training is an experiential process of understanding the use of force in what we at IDS calls, “The gooey gray area”.  The “gooey gray area” is that place where the moral, legal, defensive skills, personal attributes, psychological, tactical and circumstantial converge

Weapons Based Wall Work: Defending, retaining and counter attacking in confined spaces and up against walls and barriers while armed from various positions, standing and on the ground

Advanced Weapon Retention: Defending, retaining and fighting against scenarios In and out of the holster 

Additional Higher Level Drills: El Presidente, Ace of Diamonds, $10K Pyramid, Pendulum, Big Royal with Cheese, High Noon, Mover Mover, Circle Drill and more!

Force on Force Scenarios &  Drills!

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