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Handgun 1 - Shooting Course

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PREREQUISITE: Firearms Fundamentals

Xtreme Tactical Defense courses are designed to train the operator with the “REALITY” of self defense training.  XTD courses exceed the minimum requirements for concealed carry training including legal issues, mind set, clearing malfunctions, close quarters combat, tactical firearm handling and shooting.

Handgun 1 with Dustin Pluth

The Handgun 1 course is designed for students at all levels.
This course includes intensive instruction on safety and basic function of pistols, loading and unloading, shooting fundamentals, weapon manipulation skills, assembly and disassembly, and basic marksmanship. 
In addition, we will provide an introduction to weapon transitioning, clearing malfunctions, reloading, and tactical movements and positions. Range activities will include practicing shooting fundamentals, loading and unloading, dry-firing and live-fire exercises.

*Learn different setup, parts, different types of ammo, cleaning and maintenance, red dots and other modifications that can be done to them.

*How to load and unload
*Basic fundamentals of shooting a pistol
*Different types of reloads
*Malfunctions and how to clear them
*Target transitions
Approx 250 rounds

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