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XKM Member Shooting Day

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XKM Tactical Firearms Day - BEGINNERS WELCOME!

LIMITED SPACE Register Early:

If your gonna learn to take a gun away from an attacker, you need to know how to use it!!!

Come train and shoot with the Xtreme Tactical Defense St. Louisinstructors. Steve Sulze, Johnny Scott and Nick Clubb

We will be teaching basic pistol and rifle tactics. You will have the opportunity to shoot all types of firearms: Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns!

Option 1: $35 - Includes: Tactical training, lunch. Bring your own firearms and ammo.

Option 2: $75 - Includes: Tactical training, gun rental, Ammo (50 pistol rounds\50 rifle rounds), targets, eyes and ears and lunch.

Additional Ammo will be available for purchase.

This will be a safe, fun and awesome experience for all skill levels, no shooting or firearm experience required.

Lunch & water provided – Bring any additional snacks or drinks

Ammo: Bring at least 300 rounds

If you are using one of our firearms and need to purchase ammo, let us know asap. YOU MUST PRE-PAY FOR AMMO BEFORE THE EVENT


*Realize once you run out of ammo you don’t get to shoot any more!! - Only 50 rounds is included with $75 registration.

Firearm: (Rentals Available) We suggest a full or compact size semi-automatic pistol from a reputable manufacturer, chambered in at least 9mm with at least 2 Magazines

And a Magazine Holder\Pouch

Holster: (Rentals Available) We suggest OWB – kydex or leather  holsters that are specifically designed for your exact firearm model, minimum Level 1 retention.
(NO Cross Draw, NO Appendix Carry, and NO Shoulder Holsters) 

Do Wear:
• A short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt that tucks into your pants so that you can draw from the holster without any interference
• Loose-fitting pants with big pockets to put ammunition in – Cargo\BDU\Tactical style pants are highly recommended!!
BE SURE these pants have loops for you to put your belt through!  You will get dirty!!
• Comfortable sneakers, boots or other shoes appropriate for hiking and walking over outdoor terrain
• A sturdy belt that fits through your pant loops (Nylon or Leather)
• Safety glasses are required at all times on the range

Don’t Wear:
• A tank top, low cut top, top with an open midriff, sleeveless top, etc – this is for your comfort and safety!
• Gym Shorts, skin tight jeans or pants where you can’t store ammunition in the pockets

Supplies you will need:

• Dress for the weather (outdoor range)
• High protein snacks such as nuts, protein bars, etc
• A baseball cap, ear and eye protection - sun glasses are ok
• Your drivers license if you are renting equipment from us
• Ammunition for the day (NO reloads)

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